Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Walgreens Wrap-Up

Here's the low down from Walgreens this week, from a girl with a sad sad binder! Week #1 couponing, bought 2 newspapers, had doubles of all coupons. Week #2 couponing, NO INSERTS! Ordered 100 food and grocery coupons form ebay for $1.49 shipped. (Sidebar ;-) 

So I do have to say that my low variety and stock of coupons limited what I was able to do, but for the beginners out there, I got all you see here for $16. Pretty sweet to me :) I hate it when we run out of lotion and I have to go spend $5.49 or something.

YAY mini-stockpile :)

Royal Gelatin- Walgreens coupon (available IN the store) 5/$1
Zone Power Bars 2/$3- use 2-SS 5/22 55 cents/1
Arizona- all flavors 99 cents, B1G1
Suave- Get $3 Register Rewards when you spend $10
Lotion 2/$6- use 2-SS 5/22 $1/2
Styling Products 2/$6 use 2-SS 5/22 $1/2
Shampoo/Conditioner SALE $1.00
Listerine Whitening SALE $3.49, Get $2 RR, $1/1 SS 5/22
2 x Colgate Whitening SALE 99 cents, use 2-SS 5/22 $1/1
Luster Whitening Toothpaste SALE $4.49, use $3/1
Wet and Wild lipstick 49 cents clearance
8 pack Tuf paper towels Reg $5, use $1/1(Available in store)

All in all a good trip for me, and the best part is that I can see the time when I will have so many more match-ups available to me that it does become a little addicting!


  1. SWEET! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have an amazing weekend :)

  2. 16$!!!!! WOW that is some good couponing!